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We are creating an aerial movement bringing people into the future through guided digital drone services to make mission planning easy, accessible & timely. We’re delivering new streams for our drone pilots & in return offer safety, security & cost savings through real-time drone solutions that deliver data for quick decision making to our customers.


We are bringing a team of diverse thinkers and professional problem solvers to the aerial world from the flight deck to the research lab. We love what we do & are extremely passionate about it. We are motivated and fueled by the future of work. We take what we do seriously and manage your missions with utmost care. We are a part of your team.

Our Team

Bronwyn Morgan


FAA Drone Pilot
FAA Safety Rep
U of I
CEO, Airversity Drone Academy & Consulting, Fortune 500 Executive

Cheryl Contreras

UAS Operations

FAA Drone Pilot
UAS Operations Consultant and Missions Lead

Jodessiah Sumpter

Head of Development

Full Stack Web Developer
Fortune 500 Senior Software Engineer
Published Author

Ness Sandoval, Ph.D

Director GIS

Geospatial Analytics SME
Professor GIS, Director, GeoSLU, St. Louis University

Lionel Edouard


A Seasoned Finance Manager and Sales Account Executive. Over 25 years of experience providing financial support to senior management in very fast pace environments. Also worked with high volume customers to drive sales growth and profitability through the deployment, adoption, and retention of the company’s products

Ana Lattibeaudiere

SVP Strategy & Customer Engagement

Global Telecom Infrastructure SME

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